DED BUGS: From Nests to Pests
Ded Bugs Band Photo
From the haunted hills of the small railroad town, DeSoto, MO (pop. 5993) come punk-popsters, Ded Bugs! While in high school, Ded Bugs met through a mutual friend, a starving artist named Rick Lowrey. Rick even had a VW Bug to get the gang together--a nifty foreshadow. What was there to do in DeSoto? Nothing! So the gang kept themselves occupied with comics, cartoons, and rocking to the radio. Eventually they discovered they each had a Ramones record (probably the only four Ramones records in DeSoto!), and before long they were getting together on saturday nights to watch B-movies, drink IBC root beer, and rock out. Soon they were four-tracking and even writing hum-friendly songs of their own! From these humble beginnings come Matt, Jeff, D.A.V.E. and BassAmp, aka Ded Bugs--the same band that is currently tearing up the planet with their hyper-hooky cartoon-crash rock'n'roll!